CNL November-December 2004


Your feedback will help define future of CNL 15 Nov

Announcements & news

CERN Courier reports on Grid project in Asia 15 Nov
IT department announces its closure timetable for Christmas 15 Nov
CHEP'04 hailed a great success 15 Nov
A reader writes to right our wrongs in article about SMTP server 15 Nov
Desktop Support makes smooth transition to improved services 15 Nov

Physics computing

LINUX upgrade required to keep operating systems up to date 15 Nov
New Time Units simplify procedures 15 Nov
LSF webpages feature enhanced statistical data 15 Nov

Desktop computing

CERN switches from Office XP to Office 2003 15 Nov
Scheduling powers of Outlook make meetings easy to organize 15 Nov

Technical brief

Licensing system works to give users access when they need it 15 Nov

Internet services & network

Don't miss out - keep up to date with changes in Web Services 15 Nov
Updated Listbox service takes the hassle out of e-mailing lists 15 Nov
How to stay in touch with CERN wherever you are in the world 15 Nov

Information corner

Questions and answers from the Helpdesk 15 Nov
Recent changes to CERN's IT services 15 Nov
Recent acquisitions at the IT bookshop 15 Nov
Calendar 15 Nov