CNL January-March 2005


We can reach more readers with your help 28 Jan

Announcements & news

Computing featured in this month's CERN Courier 28 Jan
CERN needs your help to tackle spam onslaught 28 Jan
Automatic Call Back service reaches the end of the line 28 Jan
Desktop Support moves to IT/UDS 28 Jan
GridCafé expo wows the crowds at CERN open day 28 Jan

Technical brief

INDICO: top software for conference management 28 Jan

Conference report

HEPiX members share their knowledge of HENP platforms 28 Jan

Information Corner

Questions and answers from the Helpdesk 28 Jan
Recent changes to IT services 28 Jan
Comedy corner: computer mock-up is urban legend 28 Jan
Recent acquisitions at IT bookshop 28 Jan
Calendar 28 Jan