November-December 2005 Contents


DES homes in on users' needs

Announcements & news

Computing featured in this month's CERN Courier
AppleTalk routing is discontinued
Department reorganization emphasizes physics support
Account closure tightens security
Registration gets an electronic fax
CHEP06 scheduled for Mumbai, India, on 13-17 February 2006
CRA application represents the future of account handling

Technical briefs

Java Web hosting comes to CERN


openlab II gets ready to build on the success of openlab I

Conference report

CSC2005 is a record breaker

LCG news

ARDA prototypes physics analysis
Barcelona's Port d'Informació Científica: a centre of excellence for scientific-data processing

Physics computing

CERN explains its Linux strategy: SLC4 or SLC5?
Cluster-management helps ATLAS tests run smoothly 10

Information corner

Keep your software updated and stay ahead of viruses
Questions and answers from the Helpdesk
IT services e-mails do not contain attachments
Service Status Board gets dynamic
News from the IT Bookshop