April–May 2007 Contents


PSS group ensures efficient use of Grid

Announcements & news

Computing featured in this month's CERN Courier
CERN upgrades firewall to meet requirements of LHC
CHEP'07 meeting heads for Victoria, Canada
School of Computing will be held in Croatia

Desktop computing

A new engine for CERN Search
Office 2007 has arrived

Physics computing

Distributed database project ensures replication to LCG sites
ALICE tests its digital chain

Grid news

CERN shares Grid expertise with EU projects
SmartDomains deploys Xen VMs
Parallel evolution: DILIGENT and ETICS
Workshop prepares for Large Hadron Collider
WLCG improves India's access to LHC data

Information corner

How to access CERN websites and avoid certificate warning
Automatic screen lock is enforced on NICE PCs
A humorous take on the arrival of Windows Vista