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DXPLUS: A New Public Login Unix Service

  Tony Cass and Alessandro Miotto CN/DCI

A new Public Login Unix Server DXPLUS, based on Digital Unix (formerly DEC OSF), is now in production. This complements the AIX-based CERNSP and the HPUX-based HPPLUS services. Just like these other systems the DXPLUS service relies on AFS for file and program access. This means that files you create on DXPLUS are visible to and can be read by users of these other services. Equally, DXPLUS users have full access to the Public and Private staging areas and the batch facilities provided within CORE. This means your batch programs can access program and data files you create on the DXPLUS and that on DXPLUS you can read ntuples created in batch jobs run on CORE services.

However, a simple comparison of the number of machines in each service

CERNSP 24 SP2 nodes
HPPLUS 10 HP 735/125 systems
DXPLUS 2 AlphaStation 250s

shows that DXPLUS is intended primarily for use by those who have a particular need for access to a Digital Unix Service, people with access to Digital Unix based CORE systems for example.

A full SUE (Standard Unix Environment) installation package for Digital Unix has been produced during the development period for DXPLUS. This means that owners of Digital Unix systems can use SUE to install a fully supported DXPLUS-like environment and have many routine system management tasks performed automatically.

We have enabled all groups to register accounts on DXPLUS. Group administrators who can already register accounts on CERNSP or HPPLUS can now also register accounts on DXPLUS. On entering USERREG they should first select the CUTE general service and then DXPLUS out of the second list presented. For groups without such an administrator, a group computing contact or an existing administrator should contact Attila Koppanyi (, stating who should be enabled to register accounts on DXPLUS. Groups should also make sure that they have an AFS Space Administrator as the DXPLUS users, like those on other CUTE services, have an AFS rather than a local home directory. Again, Attila Koppanyi should be contacted to register an AFS Space Administrator.

For further information about DXPLUS or the SUE installation procedure for Digital Unix please contact

DXPLUS - Alessandro Miotto (
SUE for Digital Unix - Alan Lovell (

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