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New versions of Perl and Tk/Tcl on ASIS

  Lionel Cons and Philippe Defert CN/DCI

New major versions of the Perl and Tk/Tcl interpreters will be put in ASIS at the end of November. If you use these tools in some of your scripts, you should switch to the new versions as soon as possible. Although the new versions are mainly backward compatible with the old ones, you may have to fix a few things in your scripts. You can play with the names of the interpreters to select which version you use, see below. The exact date of the change in ASIS will be announced later, in the cern.computing newsgroup. For Perl (all the programs are under /usr/local/bin), the program perl4 is the version 4.036, perl5 is the version 5.002. The program perl is currently the same as perl4. After the change, perl will become the same as perl5. For more information about the conversion from Perl 4 to 5, you can look at URL:

For tclsh/wish/tclx/wishx, the available versions are for tclsh/tclx 7.3, 7.4 and 7.5, for wish/wishx 3.6, 4.0 and 4.1. The executables are all in /usr/local/bin with the version appended to the command name. tclsh(tclx) presently points to the version 7.3; wish(wishx) and /usr/local/bin/X11/wish(wishx) point today to the version 3.6. After the change, tclsh(tclx) will point to the version 7.5 and wish(wishx) to version 4.1. /usr/local/bin/X11/wish(wishx) will no longer exist. For more information on the new versions of Tk/Tcl, please refer to the CERN Tk/Tcl home page: