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New Fortran 90 Compilers Installed

  Michael Metcalf CN/ASD

New versions of the NAG Fortran 90 compiler have been installed on ASIS for the five reference platforms - IBM, DEC Alpha, SGI, HP-UX and Sun SPARC. The new version, 2.2, which has improved optimization with respect to previous versions, is invoked by the command `f90'. The man pages are invoked by the command `man f90'.

For the record, native Fortran 90 compilers are available on CERNSP (xlf90), on DEC systems other than VMS (Digital Fortran), and on the CS-2 (epcf90). This last compiler is freely available on any Sun SPARC system on the CERN site (contact me). Microsoft Fortran v. 4.0 (f90) is available for PCs.