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Closure of CERN Support for HP-UX 9 Operating Systems

  Lionel Cons IT/DCI

HP introduced the version 10 of their operating system two years ago, in the first quarter of 1995. This has been a major change and the first versions suffered from some "erreurs de jeunesse". One year after, HP released HP-UX 10.10 which has proven to be stable and reliable. The current version (HP-UX 10.20) is now certified at CERN (see the article "HP-UX 10.20 is now Certified") and will be gradually installed on most of the IT central services (see the article "Migration of Central HP Interactive and Batch Services to HP-UX 10.20"). Next year, HP should introduce HP-UX 11 with more exciting features. For more information, you can check:

HP-UX 10:
HP-UX 11:

Unfortunately we cannot afford to support old software for ever and we will therefore stop the CERN support of HP-UX 9 at the end of this year. This means that all the centrally provided software (ASIS, CERNLIB, SUE, etc.) will be frozen; no new products or versions will be made available for HP-UX 9. Also, the HP application server (hpsoft) will be stopped.

All owners of HP-UX 9 systems are encouraged to upgrade to HP-UX 10, preferably to the newly certified HP-UX 10.20. More information can be found in the "HP-UX Installation Guide" at URL: