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Availability of IT Reports in WWW

  Miguel Marquina IT/DCI

An index to all the Divisional IT Reports (formerly known as CN Reports) produced since 1990 is available in WWW at the URL:

Many of the reports themselves are also available through this WWW page. When this is the case, simply fetch the relevant document(s). If it is not electronically available or you have problems to print it, you may contact to receive a paper copy.

In addition, we have established a communication line through which you may be informed of the publication of new reports as they come out. In order to do that, you have to subscribe to the electronic mailing list by sending an e-mail message to containing the following line in its body (the subject will be ignored):

 subscribe it-reports-info <your-E-mail-address>

Accounting Information in WWW

  Attila Koppanyi IT/DCI

At the begining of each week, usually each Monday, the relevant Web pages are updated with the previous week's accounting statistics for the centrally operated services of IT Division. The recommended way of looking at them is via a browser that supports Java. Printable copies also exist for a number of the reports. In addition to summaries you may also find detailed weekly reports for all the services. The easy-to-remember URL is

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