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Operating Systems Availability on ASIS

  Philippe Defert IT/DIS

The status of the ASIS application software repository will be as follows as of the beginning of 1998:

When a platform is designated "frozen", it means that all applications are kept in the repository but no new package or version of a package will be introduced in the repository for this architecture.

Moreover, sgi_64 (SGI Irix 6.4) and rs_aix42 (AIX 4.2) will be introduced as partial architectures in ASIS. This means that the ASIS tools running on such partial architectures will make the links towards the native platform for all packages present on this architecture, and towards the fall over platform (respectively sgi_53 and rs_aix41) for software not present on the native architecture. Only the main packages supported in ASIS will be generated for such partial architectures and only if their counterpart on the fall over does not work properly on that platform.