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Access to Personal and Service Pages from xwho

  Bernd Pollermann IT/User Support

The main objective of this article is to describe the present possibilities of giving access to both personal and service Web-pages from the Web-version of xwho. For simplicity reasons I will concentrate on how things are done now, and, for the sake of completeness, there will also be an example of how to create a personal homepage.

Personal homepages

A personal homepage is a Web-page describing the professional activities and background of a person working at CERN. If you have a personal homepage and you know its URL, do the following in order to allow access to it from xwho:
  1. Call (x)userinfo on your preferred platform.
  2. Type the homepage URL into the appropriate field (without the prefix http://) and save this change of your personal data. This could be, for example,
  3. Wait until next morning.
You will then find a clickable link, represented by the word (homepage), added to your entry in xwho.

If you do not have a homepage and you have access to a public UNIX service (AFS-based) you can easily create one. Just do the following after logging in:

  1. Type the command "webaccess", which will create the directory ~/www with the adequate AFS ACLs.
  2. Put or edit your homepage in this sub-directory ~/www with filename Welcome.html.
Immediately after you have done this you can access your homepage under the URL:

with loginid being your username.

Service homepages

A service homepage is a Web-page describing (usually together with a set of "subpages") all aspects of a service offered by a single person, a team or even people in different groups. It informs the user why (s)he might need this service, how to start it and how to use it normally. Usually, it will also warn the user about potential pitfalls and offer further reading for advanced users.

Example of a service homepage:

Giving access to a service homepage from xwho

We encourage the teams with service entries registered into the CCDB database (so called "Service Users", like Mail Support), to allow their service homepage to be accessed from xwho. The procedure of doing this is the following:
  1. Verify that the homepage of the service represents well the service and respects the (divisional/CERN) guidelines for this type of pages.
  2. Send the name of the "Service User" and the URL of the service homepage to
  3. You will then receive a mail informing you whether the link will be established and when.
Just as for persons, the clickable word (homepage) is added to the entry of the "Service User" in xwho.

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