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Letter from the Editor

The "spring" issue of the CNL is a little thinner than usual, and, unfortunately (see following e-mail), I did not get any contribution for the "Learning Zone ". This time I will raise your attention to the article on a very useful tool called "tidy", in order to "clean up your Web pages" (but you will see it can do more than that) and also on the status of "Y2K Testing in IT Division" (this is becoming a regular contribution until the end of 1999).

I hope you enjoy the reading all of this NewsLetter no 234,

Nicole Crémel
CNL editor, IT/User Support

Letters to the Editor

CNL 233 - The Learning Zone

Excellent idea, such pieces of comprehensive information about special topics of general interest for computer users, including a range of possible platforms, are very useful - I am particularly referring to the 'Graphics Formats' article.


Ch. Geich-Gimbel / Univ. Bonn
Dec. 28, 1998

Thank you for this nice comment. Indeed this is the objective of this chapter to provide information on all kinds of computing issues which are not necessarily directly CERN-related. I look forward to get such contribution for future CNLs, that could be provided by people external to CERN!

Nicole Crémel, CNL editor.

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