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Garfield Version 6.29

  Rob Veenhof GSI (Darmstadt, Germany)

Garfield version 6.29 is a maintenance release with enhancements in the areas of field map interfaces, of signal calculations, and of arrival time distributions for electrodes other than wires.

CELL section:

An interface for Tosca generated field maps with parallelepipeds as elements has been written in collaboration with Guido Maria Urciuoli / INFN Gruppo Collegata Sanitá.

Field maps with both an axial periodicity around an axis and a translation periodicity along the same axis, can now be processed.

Elimination of the excluded parts of the background in Maxwell Field Simulator 3D field maps has been improved.

The WIRE-MARKERS option has been made available in the field, drift and signal sections.

Occasionally, plotting the materials present in field map resulted in the screen being coloured uniformly. A new attempt has been made to avoid this.


Magnetic fields computed by finite element programs can now be entered via the FIELD-MAP statement in the cell section.


No changes.

FIELD section:

No changes.

GAS section:

Tracing Heed generated delta electrons in external electric and magnetic fields would occasionally stop program execution when the delta left the Heed tracking volume. This has been corrected.

DRIFT section:

Two new clustering models have been added to the TRACK statement. They generate points along the track that are spaced according to the flux of the electric field.

The ARRIVAL-TIME-DISTRIBUTION command has been extended to deal with other electrodes than wires. The command now also operates in the y-z and z-y planes. Existing input files which use this command need to be modified.

Track interpolation has been improved: options have been added to INTEGRATION-PARAMETERS which give better control over the interpolation order and the way delta electrons are dealt with.

Drifting from the intersection between the viewing plane and selected solids has been added.

SIGNAL section:

Signal calculation in other electrodes than wires (planes, tube, solids) has been enabled. Electrons arriving on a plane, tube or solid now produce a signal that is classified as direct.


No changes.

Histograms, Matrices, Formulae and Calls:

No changes.

Datasets and input / output:

No changes.

Compilation, batch:

No changes.


Currently, the most accurate information can be found in the help pages and the description of the command line.

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