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News from the User Support Bookshop

  Roger Woolnough and Jutta Megies IT/User Support

We should start by informing those persons who are not always in the Computer Centre that we have installed a display case next to the User's Office in Building 61 next to the public terminals. We also offer a 'browsing' service in Building 40 where a new satellite helpdesk has started (see previous article in this CNL), where the most popular titles and our latest editions can be seen. In the future this service could be expanded if we find it a success. Please send us your comments to

We have received the following books since the last CNL:

  1. Classroom in a Book, Photoshop 5.0: This book is in the series of tutorials which we have for Framemaker and is very popular. A similar title was taken for Photoshop by popular demand.

    Windows NT Workstation 4.0 User Manual: This is a QUE series book like the 'Using' series and has a very practical approach for new and intermediate users of Windows NT. Again this book has been requested by users starting NT and requiring instructions and documentation.

    Advanced Corba Programming with C++: A specialised title from the Addison Wesley Professional Series.

    The Mathematica Book by Stephen Wolfram: Although Version 4 is only just released in the US this new edition of the famous book covers all the changes. Now in hard-back (and as big as ever!) this book covers all you need to know on Mathematica.

    Word/Excel 97 Clics et Declics: Les deux livres 'Comment faire' n'étant plus disponibles, ces deux petits livres vous expliquent l'essentiel afin d'être immédiatement opérationel sur Word et Excel.

    Linux Unleashed: This SAMS publishing book is now updated to version 5 of the Red Hat software and has been requested as the translation of the French Linux book that we have in stock. A very comprehensive guide covering all aspects of Linux.

    Linux Resources d'Experts: traduction du livre précédent ('Linux Unleashed'), pour répondre à la demande de livres sur Linux en français. Basé sur les normes de Red Hat ce livre est très complet, pour le débutant comme pour l'expert.

    Filemaker Pro 4, a Developer's Guide: a long awaited serious book on this utility which, although popular, has had few books published on it. This books covers all aspects and is produced as a tutorial. Includes a CD with examples. The book also covers publishing databases on the WWW.

We have new versions of the books 'Designing Web Graphics 3' and also the Postscript Reference Guide. We have a new version of the Java Tutorial with a follow up title 'Java Tutorial Continued'.

In the coming weeks we will receive a new title from our IT TeX/LaTeX/HTML/XML specialist Michel Goossens, entitled 'The Latex Web Companion, Integrating TeX, HTML and XML'. Again by popular demand we have 'The Dreamweaver Bible' which covers this alternative web authoring tool: this should be in stock by the time the CNL is published.

We are informed by Pearson Educational (this is the new name for the Group that includes Addison Wesley Longman, Prentice Hall, Simon Schuster, Financial Times Management etc.) that Simulink is no longer available as a package. We have 4 copies of this software left that sells with Matlab and once they are sold we can get no more.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any suggestions for catalogue replacements or additions.

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