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This website is no longer maintained. Its content may be obsolete. Please visit for current CERN information.

New Print Package on NICE

  Jean-Louis Vosdey IT/CIO (

A new CERN Printing Package has been developed in order to improve printing reliability and control as well as to enable non-NICE PCs to print on CERN's network printers. It was tested during the months of April and May by about 100 users.

As announced in the last Desktop Forum, this new package will gradually replace the current NICE Printer Wizard during the month of June, as explained in the following plan:

- June 8 : IT and PS divisions (done)
- June 22 : AC, AS, DG, DSU, EST, FI, LHC divisions
- June 24 : EP, PE, SPL, TH, TIS divisions
- June 28 : SL, ST divisions
For users who want to use the new Printing Package before the deployment date, it can be installed by running the following program (only once):
Important: Newly installed printers (after April 99) can only be accessed from the new Printing Package.

This new package is completely transparent for the NICE95 and NICENT users. The Printer Wizard icons in the 'Control Panel' and in the 'Start Menu->More Applications->System Configuration' will automatically refer to the new version. You will still be able to access the Printer Wizard via these icons, but a new Task-bar Icon in the 'Icon Tray' (right side of the task-bar, next to the clock) will also provide access to the Printer Wizard.
See for more details about this icon.

It is highly recommended to use this new icon, which will give you access to the following (additional) features by selecting it with the right mouse button:

  1. Printer Wizard: selecting this option will launch the new Printer Wizard (identical user interface as the previous version).
    See also
  2. Job Information: a light-weight program has been created to replace the job info window in the Printer Wizard. This new tool starts up very quickly and enables the user to control the printer jobs and settings without starting the more heavy Printer Wizard.
    See also
  3. Access to the LPR Service window: the new version of the LPRServ background program includes the following improvements: See also

More information about this new CERN Client Printing Package is available at:

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