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Windows NT Service Pack 4 Installation on NICE NT Systems

  Alberto Di Meglio IT/DIS


Service Pack 4 for Windows NT 4 was released at the end of 1998 and contains various updates and bug fixes for Windows NT.

The most important improvements introduced by SP4 can be summarised as follows:

For more detailed information about the fixes contained in SP4, check at: (overview of all new features and fixes) (detailed technical list of all fixes)


Installation instructions of the NICE NT SP4 package

SP4 will be deployed in the NICE NT environment during the months of June and July one Division at a time.

The installation of SP4 on NICE is automatically started when a user logs in a computer that hasn't yet received the update.

In order to install SP4, it is necessary  to be logged under an account with local administrator privileges. If the account used doesn't have local administrator privileges, a dialog box will prompt you to log in under a valid account to start the procedure and the installation program will then stop. It is not possible to start accidentally the installation while logged in as a non privileged user. You can have a look in the NICE NT FAQ page at for more information about accounts with local administrator privileges (I want my NICE account to have local administrator privileges. How do I do it?)

The installation consists of one or more steps, depending on the components that you will choose to install.

The first time that you log in under a privileged account, you will see a dialog with four buttons, one for each option.

Option 1: "Yes, proceed with the installation"

If you choose the first option, the installation of SP4 will immediately proceed and will install the basic components required to update your system. You need to have about 35 MB of free disk space to install SP4. You will see a dialog showing you the installation progress. Do not use the computer during this phase. At the end of the installation, the computer will automatically reboot. At this point you can log in with your normal account.

Option 2: "Maybe, but I want more information"

Select this option if you want to choose which components to install. A dialog in French or English will guide you through a series of steps. For the moment the additional components you can install are Internet Explorer 4 Service Pack 1 and the updated Data Access components (v.2.0) for working with databases. You need to have up to 80 MB of free disk space for this option.
This installation is divided in three phases:

  1. During the first phase, the system updates are installed. You will see a dialog showing you the installation progress. Do not use the computer during this phase. At the end of the installation, the computer will ask you to confirm before rebooting
  2. After the reboot, log in again as local administrator to start the second phase. During this phase, IE4 SP1 and the Data Access components will be installed. The computer will then reboot automatically at the end of the procedure without asking for a confirmation.
  3. After the second reboot, log in again as local administrator to complete the installation of IE4 SP1. At the end of this phase, you can use your computer as normal and you can log out and log back in with your normal account.

Option 3: "Not now. Remind me again next time"

Select this option if you want to postpone the installation to the next login as local administrator.

Option 4: "Not now. I'll do it myself later"

Select this option if you don't want to install SP4 and don't want to be reminded anymore.


Manual installation

Service Pack 4 can be installed manually at any time from the Windows Menu by going to

Start - More Applications - System Configuration - PC Administration - 
Windows NT 4 SP4 Setup

The manual installation doesn't check for the user Division and can be used to install SP4 even before your scheduled turn.


Re-installation of SP4

If you want to reinstall SP4, you need to select the first option. IE4 and the Data Components cannot be reinstalled using this procedure. If you need to reinstall Internet Explorer 4.0 SP1 you have to use the procedure from:

Start - More Applications - World Wide Web - Install Internet Explorer,
Netmeeting and Chat


Known bugs and limitations - Please read carefully before installing SP4


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