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Invitation to Perform Y2K Testing

  Sverre Jarp (CERN Y2K co-ordinator) IT/DI

Testing under UNIX


A special AFS cell '' has been established to allow service managers and users to test Y2K compliance.

In addition to AFS, the cluster consists of machines representing all the UNIX flavours in use at CERN (AIX, DUNIX, HP-UX, IRIX, LINUX, and SOLARIS).

More information can be obtained from the page:

Testing schedule

The cluster will be set to 25 December 1999 on fixed days and then left running for three weeks. This gives people one week to prepare test programs in 1999 and two weeks to check the consequences of passing into year 2000. These fixed dates have been set as follows:

If more than these three sessions are needed an announcement will be made later.


The following Web page should be used for registration:

By registering your name and mail address on this page, you will be given a user-id on the first day of each test period. The userid will be valid for the corresponding period and will then be taken away for new usage. If you don't complete your tests in one cycle and wish to retain your account and the files in it, you must reissue the request via the registration web page.


The machines all run Y2K-compliant versions of the operating system. There is a reasonable amount of disk space in the y2k cell for home directories. Users can only access what is world-accessible in their real AFS directories in the CERN cell. File copying is therefore recommended (also to avoid that the Y2K-testing alters real production files or products).

Note that LSF will only be available as of the second session (starting 9 June). Tape access must be requested explicitly (on the Web page) as of this session.

The latest news, related to the test environment, will be posted on the Web pages mentioned above.

For PCs and Macs

Please refer to the IT Y2K page for further information:


For Oracle database users who would like to test their applications under a Year 2000 system, please contact

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