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Building 40 Helpdesk (an Update)

Nicole Crémel , Miguel Marquina and Roger Woolnough , IT/User Support

Following the past three months experience with the satellite Helpdesk in building 40 it is useful to present a few conclusions on the outcome of the exercise.

The input we have received from both CMS and ATLAS has been positive although the service has been used on a regular but not saturated basis. One or two aspects of the service will be changed to cope with the demand for books. We are considering the possibility of increasing the service with our service provider, so that we have more continuity. You should read more about this in future editions.

For the book service we foresee some improvements to enable users to send TIDs by internal mail ("Bookshop / IT div.") and have the books delivered.

News will be forthcoming in the near future on these improvements and we thank users for supporting this initiative from User Support.

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