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Netscape 4.51 under Test

Monica Marinucci , IT/IA

On August 31st, 1999, a new test version of Netscape Communicator, version 4.51, was made available on all the UNIX central services and supported architectures. To address some possible migration problem for users switching from Netscape 4.0x, the version currently in production, to Netscape 4.51, an updated Netscape wrapper was also released.

This version is being tested and may be released (and become the production version) at the beginning of October.

Netscape 4.51 will also be available very shortly under NICE. Details will be published soon.

What's new

The Navigator component (the browser) in Netscape 4.51 shows small changes, of which Smart Browsing represents the most important. Smart Browsing gives users the possibility to pull appropriate information from Netcenter (a kind of Netscape data repository) while navigating the Web.

Major changes appear in the Messenger component (the mail client). Amongst these changes: new and more ergonomic interface layout, extended possibilities in message forwarding, access to folders and multiple mail servers. Several bugs are also fixed in this version.

More information about new features in Netscape 4.51 is available at

How to test it

On UNIX platforms, users who want to test this version should type:

 netscape -version 4.51


Within the general CERN Netscape documentation, available at

some space is devoted to the new test version. New features are described, as well as bug reports and FAQs. Migration related issues are also addressed in these pages.

Bug reports and comments should be sent to

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