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Change in Network Connectivity for some CERN Networked Devices

Mike Gerard and Paolo Moroni , IT/CS

When asking to connect a new device to the internal network, CERN users are asked to fill in a Web form at A required parameter of this form is to state the level of desired external connectivity for the device: one of the available options is "NONE". The meaning of this is that, once connected to the internal CERN network, the device will not have any possibility of connection to or from any device external to CERN.

For technical reasons, such devices have until now been allowed to create some connections to other devices outside CERN. However, IT/CS will shortly change the network to remove this possibility, thus enforcing what was intended in the definition of "no external access" devices.

It is possible that some users are currently taking advantage of the existing (incorrect) behaviour of the network to actually use some "no external access" devices for external network access. These users will lose their external connectivity after the network change.

To check if you are among these users you may go to the Web page
then click on "View the registered information about a device", type in the device name (Host Name) and click on SEARCH. There should then be an information line of the form
External TCP/IP connectivity:  <type of connectivity>
If this type of connectivity is "NONE" then the device is one of those which will be affected.

This change will be made towards the end of September 1999: an announcement will be made by the normal channels at least 24 hours in advance.

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