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Software Development Tools Service

Eric Poinsignon , IT/IPT (

In IPT Group we actively help software projects in CERN experiments to identify, evaluate, purchase and use industrial software development tools. Network floating licences are used as much as possible, so that the tools can be run remotely. We can also, if you have an AFS account, give you access to our Solaris server in case the binary for your platform is not available. You can find the complete information on what we have and how to use it at URL:

Web search

We introduced METADATA in our Web pages to facilitate Web search. From the CERN search engine (CERN home page), you can get the pointers to the tools available at SDT.

Y2K status

The SDT server "pttools" is now Y2K compliant.

We have finished the setup of the software tools on the Y2K cluster. If you wish to test your data in the year 2000:

  1. Ask for an account on the Y2K cluster by going to: Y2K - Cluster Registration Form (
  2. Once you are logged on a Y2K machine, follow the instructions pointed to for each tool from: SDT Y2K page (
Note that for the moment, Modsim is not available. Contact us if you need this tool.
We are also still waiting for the Y2K compliant version of StP.

FlexLm license

The following concerns the users of SNiFF, XDesigner, Rose, Logiscope and SoDA who are not using the documented procedures, and users of StP.

The new version FlexLm 6.0 is active and the dependent files are now standard. Make sure that your LM_LICENSE_FILE does not refer to "/pttools/FlexLm/license.dat.50" but to "/pttools/FlexLm/license.dat". The typical places you should check for this variable are in your shell start up files or other project setup scripts.

Change of SDT Web URL

The new URL for the SDT Web is now
The old URL will remain active for some time and be automatically redirected to the new one. Please update your bookmarks.

Upgrade Logiscope patch

One patch has been added to correct the problem of the short number of characters for the commands batch[_cpp] for Solaris.

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