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Computing Services During the Annual CERN Shutdown

David Underhill , IT/CIO

CERN will close on Friday 17th. December at 17:30, and will reopen on Monday 3rd January at 08:30.

As in recent years the Computing Services provided by IT Division will remain available as of Friday 17th at 17:30 but running unattended. The exceptions are the database and dedicated engineering services, which will not be available following agreement with their user communities.

This year, however,

is rather special because of the Y2K issue and as such
an interruption is scheduled

This was decided in order to ensure that services are not affected by any unforeseen Y2K bugs at a time when support is not easily available, and to ensure that all systems can be started cleanly in the year 2000.

All user services will be closed at 18:00 on Wednesday 29th December after which backups will be taken overnight, then checked and the systems closed down. NO Computing Services will be available again until CERN reopens at 08:30 on Monday 3rd January. The only exceptions are the networking infrastructure, and the e-mail gateway servers to ensure that no incoming mails are lost.

The systems themselves will be restarted and checked out during Sunday 2nd January in order that services will be available as scheduled when CERN reopens. While all precautions have been taken and possible problems anticipated one never knows and of course this year there are extra risks.

During the "running unattended" period (17th-29th Dec) there is no guarantee that any problems that may arise will be resolved and we cannot guarantee backups for Home Directory files and mailboxes, for either Unix or PC users. Changes that you may make to your files during this period therefore may be lost in the event of a disk failure.

However, there will be limited operator coverage during this period and users should call the operator (75011) or send an e-mail to if they encounter problems. An answering machine will respond during times when no operator is present. Users who suspect a problem with networking equipment should call Network Support (74927).

Service information will be viewable (as now) at: