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News from the Computing Bookshop

Roger Woolnough and Jutta Megies , IT/User Support

The last article we wrote spoke of problems obtaining books from Pearson (ex Addison Wesley Longman / Prentice Hall etc.). Unfortunately this has not taken a noticeable upturn for the better and we still have longer delivery times than we would like. At the Frankfurt book-fair the management of the company apologised but this does little to appease our desire to provide a better service. The only good point is that we are not alone in this area, but I hope next year we can report a considerable improvement.

During past months we have received several new titles and there have been the customary new editions. In response to a large demand we now stock a very comprehensive English dictionary from Oxford. Naturally we will be stocking both French and French / English editions but these are taking a little longer to organise.

We have received new editions of "Linux in a Nutshell", "UML Distilled" and "Running Linux". We have in stock two new books on Active Server Pages at the request of the Division. The "Dreamweaver Bible" went out of print and we have to wait some weeks longer to get more stock. In the interim we have an excellent "Tutorial on Dreamweaver" from Addison Wesley. We have a few copies of the book written by Tim Berners-Lee , "Weaving the Web" although these sold at an amazing rate when first offered. We also have a new book called "Red Hat Linux Unleashed" that is a very complete reference and offers a complementary CD of Red Hat 6. Again by user request we have the books from O'Reilly on Qt and also "MySQL & mSQL", although we must emphasise that this SQL implementation is not supported by the IT/ASD Group.

Please get in touch with us if you have information on new titles that could be interesting to purchase,

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