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Cernlib 2000 News

Ian Mclaren , IT/ASD

Y2K update

With many parts of the Cernlib Fortran library more than 20 years old, it is not surprising that changes have been required to fix Y2K problems. This led us to make the 2000 release on Tuesday, November 30, so that we would enter the new millennium with a conventionally tested version ready to meet any surprises in Cernlib and its user applications. The 98 release had important corrections to DATIME and the Zebra routine RZDATE. Based on these new routines, more improvements were made in the 99 release which was also tested thoroughly on the CERN Y2K cluster in user applications, revealing serious problems with HEPDB and FATMEN and formatting deficiencies in a number of other packages. The final list of libraries and packages affected by all these modifications is:

For more details on all matters related to Cernlib please follow links from the Cernlib Web Page at the URL:

Cernlib Distribution

The CERN management has decided to relax the registration requirements for the Cernlib Fortran libraries and the HEP components of LHC++. Now, permission to use and/or redistribute them is granted under the terms of the GNU General Public License, with the exception that any usage related to military applications and/or purposes is expressly forbidden.

As priority has been given to getting Cernlib 2000 released, there will be a short delay in changing the registration machinery for the classic Fortran libraries. Checks have to be made that commercial components do not slip through and agreement has to be reached with some of our contributors for their products. We are pleased to announce that we can continue to distribute stdhep in binary form.

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