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Consult - the User Oriented Entry Point to Computer related Information

Bernd Pollermann and Andreas Wagner , IT/User Support

A Single Entry Point to user relevant information

With increasing amounts of information published on the Web, it has become more and more difficult to locate the information corresponding to a specific computer related question or task. It is therefore desirable to provide CERN users with a single entry point which will guide them towards the appropriate information.

In this view, the main purpose of '' is to make information easily accessible for users, independently of the origin of the information. The users should not need to know which person or group is hosting a given service, in order to be able to find the corresponding information.

What you will find in Consult ?

Presently, there are the following main areas available via Consult (

The contents presently available in Consult can be seen below:

The Consult Page

"the entry point to user relevant information"

Information available via Consult

Search and View

xfind Search the information on the Consult pages
xwho People and their Location, phone numbers, e-mail, loginids etc.


Services offered to CERN computer users


Books available at the User Support Bookshop
CNL Cern Computer Newsletter
Writeups = User Documentation
CERN program library Short Writeups

Knowledge Base

Question & Answers from the Computing Helpdesk and related


A selection of CERN newsgroups

Other useful information

Information Technology Home Page
CERN home page <> CERN Library <> CERN wide search

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How to you find what you are looking for ?

There are several possibilities of locating and accessing the information which is available in 'Consult'.

How can you help us to constantly improve Consult ?

The answer is very simple: "Give us feedback !"

A simple feedback mechanism (see below) is implemented on all pages of Consult. It provides you with a Web-form in which the URL of the page the comments are referring to as well as the author and modification date are already automatically filled in. Just type your comments and suggestions and submit the feedback.

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Consult feedback form
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