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Termination of DECdns and DECdts Services

Denise Heagerty , IT/IA

Reminder for VMS System Managers running DECnet-Plus:

Termination of DECdns and DECdts services

Due to Y2K problems, the DECdns and DECdts services will terminate on 17 December, 1999. VMS systems running DECnet-Plus (previously called DECnet/OSI and DECnet Phase V) must be re-configured before that date.

Instructions on how to re-configure DECdns and DECdts are on the Web: from, select the Service "DECnet".

No change is required for DECnet PhaseIV systems.

If you have any questions please contact

This article was first published in CNL 234 (Jan - Mar 1999).

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