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Y2K Compliant HEPiX Shell Scripts

Tim Smith , IT/PDP

A new version of the HEPiX shell scripts has been released at the beginning of December which contains a fix to make the scripts Y2K compliant. This release (version 3.4) contains both the HEP and CERN parts of the scripts. In addition to the necessary Y2K fix to the "ticket lifetime reporting program" (tklife), a few bug fixes were included (to pp on Linux and nroff on IRIX), as well as some new environment variables for use with the CERN mail service and the new 'hsm' archive command:

In addition a change was made in the previous version (3.3) of the HEPiX shell scripts which only becomes visible on most platforms with this release, since circumstance resulted in the previous version only being released into production on Linux and left as optional on all other platforms. Namely, the logic which selects the group scripts was changed to only use the AFS group files if the user's home directory is in AFS.

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