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Remote Access to CERN SMTP Server

Marco Ganz , IT/IA

Outgoing e-mails are sent to their destinations through an SMTP server which in the standard CERN configuration for mail clients set to `'. To prevent spammers from routing unsolicited messages through CERN machines e-mails are rejected if neither the sender machine nor the recipient address is in the CERN domain. As a side effect users who are at home or travelling will not be able to send mail to someone outside CERN using a CERN machine as their SMTP server. Two solutions are possible for this problem:

This second possibility can also be extended to conferences, schools or workshops in which CERN staff are participating. If you are an organizer of such an event you can contact us in advance to allow relaying for the duration of the event. If you are simply a participant, when you arrive and find a problem send a mail to requesting the relay to be allowed and stating when the event will end. N.B. by default, relaying will be allowed for 1 week.

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