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StarOffice Package in ASIS

German Cancio Melia , IT/DIS

You may have noticed that the Sun's StarOffice office package has been put in production in ASIS since October, 23th.

On which platforms?

Solaris 2.6 and Linux RedHat 5.1.

Unfortunately, we experience problems in having StarOffice running on RedHat 6.0/6.1. This is due to problems with the AFS client; Transarc has already acknowledged the problem but has not delivered a patch yet. It is possible to run StarOffice from non-AFS based home directories, though.

StarOffice is not available (yet?) for other UNIXes.

How do I start it?

By launching /usr/local/bin/soffice (or /usr/local/bin/staroffice) - which is a wrapper which will set up StarOffice for you.

What support do I get?

Right now, only issues regarding the installation (and the default configuration) will be handled by Asis Support. We are looking to improve this situation and hope to be able to have a support contract soon. StarDivision was recently taken over by Sun , and support modalities are still to be defined. We are also in touch with other companies to see what those can offer.

SUN has set up a Web page with mailing lists and a knowledge database under
Please check it out if you have problems.

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