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Help Desk and User Area Refurbishment (Bldg. 513)

Roger Woolnough , IT/User Support and Dave Underhill , IT/CIO

Since 1972 the decoration in the User Area has been unchanged. The lighting especially is now outdated and the whole area would benefit from a thorough modernisation. With a move of the Computing Helpdesk into the Computer Operations room planned we have scheduled all the work for the New Year shutdown period.

The work falls into two sections -

- A new Helpdesk window

Despite working in close proximity it is often difficult for the Helpdesk staff to liase with the Console Operator. We have therefore decided the merging of the two services into one Room, as communication through one window would be more efficient for users and supporters alike. The delivery and collection of some PC material not involving transport will also be facilitated by this move. The planned change involves the creation of a sliding window for communication. Outside of Helpdesk hours the Operator on shift will reply to questions on a best effort basis, and will be able to record questions for resolution at the next available Helpdesk session. We trust that this new situation will benefit everyone concerned. The move is planned to take place on the last afternoon of the year (when the Helpdesk is closed anyway) such that everything is in place for the start of the New Year, on January 3rd.

- The User Area Refurbishment

Now some 28 years have passed since the Area was created and clearly the time has come for modernisation and further improvements. As of Friday December 17th, the User Area in building 513 will be unavailable and the self-service machines disconnected and moved to the Computer Room. Over the New Year shutdown the false ceiling and lighting will be replaced by a new modern installation. The walls will be redecorated in neutral colours and the present configuration of the Room updated. The work should be completed for the start of the New Year and the 5 PCs, 2 Macintoshes and 9 X-terminals should be available for self-service during the first CERN working day of 2000.

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