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VMS XPRINT Interface

Tami Kramer , EP/LE

Notice: If you have trouble with these procedures, please contact (Tami Kramer directly and not Print Support. This is the UPGRADE procedure for users already running WPRINT. If you do not yet have access to the central Print Servers from your VMS machine, you should follow the instructions detailed here first (for the initial installation).

Why Upgrade?

Presently, VMS machines at CERN using WPRINT use a machine called Springer as the Print Server. Because Springer runs Digital Ultrix, and Ultrix is not Year 2000 compliant, it is necessary to upgrade the underlying VMS version of XXPRINT in order to use the new Print Servers before the year 2000.

What changes must be made?

In the present version of WPRINT the underlying symbol XXPRINT was defined to execute a program (XXPRINT.EXE), one for Vax and another for Alpha, but it now will invoke a PERL script (similar to what is done for Windows clients on NICE). The PERL executable (PERL.EXE) is different for Vax and Alpha, but the PERL script XXPRINT.PL is the same. This change requires that VMS System Managers install PERL for VMS (for Vax and Alpha) and then change the XXPRINT symbol to invoke the PERL script. This isn't so dangerous, since one can always change the symbol XXPRINT back to its original state if things don't work as expected. It's not clear that all permutations of FORMS have been tested, so we are asking for feedback.

Detailed Procedure:

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