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  • Free Access to Gartner Group Reports within CERN
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Free Access to Gartner Group Reports within CERN

Isabelle Forrat and Alan Silverman , IT/TS

Gartner Group is the one of the leading independent providers of research and analysis material for IT professionals. Their reports provide in-depth analysis of dominant trends, companies and products. They are an important reference resource and decision-making tool. They give you an expert look at key technologies, companies and trends in the IT industry, and they can help in the understanding of the market events and trends.

CERN has obtained a licence making these reports available online to anyone within CERN. The database contains not only current reports, updated monthly, but also some going back over a year.

The entry point is

From here you can access information about Gartner, how to use this resource and the reports themselves.

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