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Dear Nicole Cremel
Re: CERN Computer News Letter (CNL)

Congratulations on being awarded five stars by Emerald Abstracts Computing Coolsites, our indexed reviews of the best of the Web. Only exceptional sites are included in Coolsites and are eligible to display this award.

Coolsites provide the same intelligent access to online resources that we have been providing to more traditionally published material since 1961.

Our specialist reviewers evaluate every site on five key criteria: style, structure, ease of use, quality of information and usefulness to the practitioner. Every site receives a quality rating of between one and five stars and is categorized, with all major aspects of computer science covered.

As an additional accolade, CERN has been added to the Emerald Abstracts Computing Coolsites page.

You can access the review of your site and the criteria against which each site is rated at: by following the Computer Applications interest area link.

Congratulations once again on an excellent site. I hope that the addition of this award will raise your profile as effectively as it has other award winners.

Yours sincerely,

Robert Reynolds
Publisher Liaison Executive
Emerald Reviews/Abstracts

This is the message that was recently sent to me, as CNL editor. Going to the referred links in the "Emerald Abstracts Computing Coolsites" web page you can read:
* * * * *
CERN Computer News Letter (CNL) CERN-CNL-2001-001

We reviewed the whole CERN web site some time ago (and perhaps it is due another look). However, this is a special issue of the CERN computer newsletter to celebrate its thirty-fifth anniversary and take a look back over those 35 years. We have included it in this section because the newsletter always includes a section on physics computing and another on scientific applications and software engineering; in this issue, these are retrospective. In addition, there is a fascinating article by Michel Goossens 'A history of scientific text processing at CERN', which is effectively a fairly comprehensive history of scientific text processing as a whole. We will not list all the other articles here. And, of course, you can always go and look at any of the issues back to 1966. All are available in HTML, most in PostScript and a few as pdf. This is a fascinating series of publications. It perhaps goes without saying that, although the pages are not fancy, they are well designed and clear, as well as being reasonably fast.

It is always pleasant to see that our Computer Newsletter can be appreciated even outside CERN, and also to see that the CNL web edition seems to be well designed ("clear, and reasonably fast").

With this award, we end the "Special 35th Anniversary" on a very positive note. The 35th anniversary CNL was Miguel Marquina's idea. Miguel has left our group to take on other responsibilities within the division. We would like to thank him for his contributions to the CNL. "Muchas gracias y suerte Miguel!" from all of us.

I hope you will enjoy reading this new issue, and, at this time of the year, I wish you a...

Merry Christmas

...and my best wishes for a happy 2001!


Nicole Crémel,
CNL Editor, IT/User Services

Vol. XXXVI, issue no 3

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