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Monte Carlo Library News

Ian Mclaren , IT/API

New versions of some Fortran based Monte Carlo libraries have become available since the summer. They will be installed in a Cernlib 2002 ("new") pre-release in a few weeks. For detailed information, links to the relevant WEB pages are given below. As most users know there are often dependencies on specific versions of other libraries, so the latest manuals and release notes should be consulted.

Ariadne 4.11

Ariadne can now be used together with the PYTHIA program of version 6.1 or higher as well as with older versions of JETSET (7.4) and PYTHIA (5.6), but separate libraries have to be used. All internal floating point variables in ARIADNE are now in double precision. The parameters PARA in /ARDAT1/ are still in single precision, though. There is an updated manual, examples and down-loads at

Pythia 6.2

Pythia 6.2 is now available on the standard web page, The main improvement is that Pythia 6.2 comes with a completely updated big manual (around 420 pages). The possibility to have a code and documentation in phase is a good reason to recommend all experimental collaborations to upgrade to this new version. There are a few points of backwards incompatibility, described in the update notes, but an upgrade from Pythia 6.1 should not require a major effort.

Isajet 7.58

This new version (replacing version 7.51) contains a number of improvements. The Cernlib version will be compiled with the RANLUX option. Full details and an updated manual are at

stdhep v4_09

As with previous versions, the libraries, executables and include files for the FNAL supported platforms will be available also from the Cernlib release. Full details are at

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