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News from the User Services Bookshop

Roger Woolnough and Jutta Megies , IT/User Services

This year the Frankfurt Bookfair was again punctuated with many takeovers and consolidations of companies. Elsevier has taken control of Academic Press/Harcourt and Butterworth Heinmann/Morgan Kaufmann. This makes for a very large Group and also will result in a virtual monopoly of Journals. The other big takeover is for Wiley who have acquired Hungry Minds (ex IDG). This should have a positive effect for our Bookstore as we should be able to negotiate a better rebate than we have at present with Wiley.

As far as new acquisitions are concerned the most recent revolve around dictionaries. We will be selling an Oxford "pop up" dictionary that can be loaded onto a PC and will translate into English/French/German & Spanish as required. Just before Christmas the new English/French dictionary will be available, more than 900,000 words, phrases and translations (Oxford Hachette edition).

Of interest and arriving end January 2002 is the new Cambridge University Press book, "Numerical Recipes in C++". We will send a news item when this book is available.

We have new books on PHP, XML, ColdFusion and a new Java Cookbook. On the general side we are pleased to announce the "Feynman Lectures on Computation" which is now available.

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