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HEPiX News

Maria Dimou , IT/User Services


HEPiX (as described by its chairperson, Lisa Giacchetti) is an international group of UNIX users and system administrators working in cooperating High Energy Physics institutions.

The focus of the group is to share experiences, influence vendors and standards bodies and to investigate solutions to those problems which impede the use of Unix for mainstream work at the member institutions. Currently less emphasis is being placed on influencing outside bodies and more on the sharing of experiences, code and documentation.

The group meets twice per year, in spring at the premises of a European HEP institute, and in the autumn in a USA site.

Every site submits a number of talks and a report with the latest news of main computing services. CERN's site report at the last meeting, that took place in Oakland, California on October 15-18, 2001, can be found in recent reports and links to other HEPiX web sites.
About the author(s): Maria Dimou is the CERN representative in HEPiX.

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