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Computing Services during the Annual CERN Shutdown

Tony Cass , IT/TS


Annual Christmas CERN shutdown news.

As in previous years, computing services run by IT division will be left running unattended during the annual shutdown. The following points should be noted.

  • No interruptions are scheduled for local and wide area networking and the ACB, e-mail and Unix interactive services.
  • Unix batch services will be available but without access to manually mounted tapes.
  • Dedicated Engineering services, general purpose database services and the Helpdesk will be closed during this period.
  • An operator service will be maintained and can be reached at extension 75011 or by Email to

Users should be aware that, except where there are special arrangements, any major problems that develop during this period will most likely be resolved only after CERN has reopened. In particular, we cannot guarantee backups for Home Directory files for either Unix or Windows users during the shutdown. Any changes that you make to your files during this period may be lost in the event of a disk failure.

Please note that all the AIS services and databases run by AS division, such as EDH, BHT, CFU and HR (see also will be unavailable from 12:00 on Friday 21st December until 08:00 on Monday 7th January 2002.

Please remember to shutdown and power off any equipment in your office which is not foreseen to be used during the annual closure before you leave for the holiday.

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