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Recent Changes in Public User Areas

Roger Woolnough , IT/User Services


As you may have noticed the two public user areas in 513 and outside the User's Office have noticeably improved.

At the so-called "Internet Cafe" outside the User's Office 4 new Windows 2000 PCs with flat screens were installed in July. A further 3 similar machines were installed at the end of September and the whole area has been restructured; the two X-terminals remain. Although the area is covered by a web camera, the machines are now totally encased in locked cabinets. This also prohibits the use of floppies or CDs.

In building 513 all five PCs available have been loaded with Windows 2000.

Network Sockets for Portable

As you may have noticed in building 513, two new tables have been installed opposite the Macs in the User Area. Adjacent to these are network sockets for portable machines: detailed instructions are available. There are electric plugs and cables for the network. Users who need plug adaptors or cables should ask the Computing Helpdesk, where spare network cables and electric adaptors are available, against a signature on the forms provided. Outside prime hours the operators have access to this and can help users during nights and week-ends.

Similarly, in the User Area next to the User Office, there are two free network sockets dedicated to portable machines: instructions are available for connections.


We ask users to take care of these machines and to leave them in a state in which they would wish to find them. We also remind users that logon to these machines binds them to the Operational Circular No 5 for CERN computer rules, available at URL:
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About the author(s): Roger Woolnough is deputy group leader of IT/User Services group, looking after the Computing Helpdesk, the Computing Bookshop and the User Areas.

For matters related to this article please contact the author.

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