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X29 Access

Users of this service are strongly recommended to use, where possible, one of the following alternatives:

TELNET (TCP/IP) protocol is strongly recommended - as most remote HEP sites now have much more performant TCP/IP links to CERN.



People using X29 access locally from home are strongly encouraged to use the ACB service which is much more performant and generally cheaper - particularly from France.

Please see ``User Guide to Terminal Access from home'' available from UCO or XFIND ACB on the central computers.

Users who wish to continue using X29 should note the following:

The recommended numbers for access to IBM and VXCERN do not change.

CERNVM ( full screen mode) (0)2284681140522

VXCERN ( full screen mode) (0)2284681140550

However, access to other CERN hosts via service 10 (line mode) and 12 (full screen mode) i.e. (0)2284681140510/12 have moved to a DECserver.

Direct telephone access (via a terminal and modem)

Direct terminal access via certain restricted telephone numbers ( without callback) will move to a DECserver. At the same time the four lines with prefix 782 will be supressed.

In both cases the X29 number and phone number remain the same and the user is connected to a DECserver and should see the following message:

DECserver 200 Terminal Server V3.1 (BL37) - LAT V5.1

Type C VXCERN or C TAGIBM etc to connect.

Please type HELP if you need assistance


The HELP service is very complete. Currently no password is used and it is only necessary to type C Hostname (e.g. C TAGIBM for fullscreen access to IBM).

Use SHOW SERVICES to see hosts/services available. CERN hosts not listed may be reached indirectly using C TELNET.

Janne Saarela
Tue May 16 13:43:26 METDST 1995