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New Configuration

This will consist initially of two DEC 3000/400 Alpha workstations, one DEC 3000/500 workstation, and one VAXstation 4000/90 workstation. Each machine will be equipped with 128 MBytes of main memory, FDDI, Ethernet, and local SCSI disks for System, Page and Swap files. In addition, a StorageWorks cabinet will hold 36 disks of 2 GBytes each (type RZ28). There will be an Exabyte jukebox for system backups, a few slots of which we may eventually offer for user mounts. We expect to add an STK 3480 cartridge drive to the cluster.

The new configuration features disk capacity more than double that available today on VXCERN. The scalability of the cluster allows us to add or withdraw individual nodes as requirements dictate. This might be particularly useful if an experiment wishes to add its own node to the cluster, or if we wish to eventually accomodate part of the VXENG community on dedicated nodes in the cluster. Access to individual nodes can of course be restricted to certain user groups, if necessary. The hardware is mainly all re-usable if the cluster were ever to be dismantled.

The total CPU power in the cluster is around 60 CERN Units, over six times the power available today on the 9000, and this could of course be augmented or decreased by adding or removing workstations.

Janne Saarela
Tue May 16 13:43:26 METDST 1995