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SCSI Disks

Our intention is to attach all user SCSI disks on the 3000/500 machine (AXCRNC) in the Cluster. This machine has the required number of SCSI busses. We prefer to do this rather than spread the disks evenly around the Cluster nodes, as in that case the whole Cluster can become unavailable when any one node fails. Our plan is to make expedient image copies of all the existing RA disks onto SCSI counterparts, once the SCSI disks have arrived and have been installed. The disks ordered have a capacity of 2 GBytes, which corresponds to over 4 million VMS blocks. The largest RA disks we have in the Cluster today have a capacity of just over 3 million blocks. For certain key disks, such as the CERN disk, the CERN Program Library disk, the Scratch and Stage disks, we will take the opportunity of increasing considerably the available space. In addition, each node in the Cluster will contain an internal page, swap and dump file disk. This will mean that, in the unlikely event of one of the nodes ``smoking'', we can replace it without having to re-install system software.

Janne Saarela
Tue May 16 13:43:26 METDST 1995