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UNIX Workstations

The currently-approved list of supported workstations includes HP Apollo Domain Series, HP Series 700, DEC ULTRIX DECstations and VAXstations, DEC OSF/1 Alpha, SUN Microsystems (SunOS 4 and Solaris 2), IBM RS/6000, Silicon Graphics.

We will maintain up-to-date product descriptions and CERN price lists which may be consulted at the Front Desk, both for vendor options and selected third party equipment such as discs, memory, Exabytes, etc.

Advice will be available to select appropriate configurations. Where necessary, users may be referred to more specialised teams such as CN/ASD group for physics applications and databases, CN/CE for engineering applications or ECP/RA (Werner Jank's Desktop Applications for Physics team).

For visiting groups, assistance will be available at the Front Desk for submitting Internal Purchase Requisitions to Finance Division.

Hardware and software maintenance: In no case will we perform hardware interventions on broken equipment; for this reason we will help negotiate global hardware support contracts and users will be encouraged to take an extension under the corresponding contract for their workstation. In the case of Digital systems, users should also subscribe to a software support contract. In the cases of SUN and HP, we will maintain a software support contract which covers the whole of CERN. (We are still discussing with IBM and SGI.)

When equipment arrives, assistance will be offered to install the system software and vendor-supplied layered software. (It should be noted that in some cases new equipment is installed by vendor engineers but in others, e.g. SUN and SGI, this service costs extra and users should check first. If necessary, we will try to arrange hardware assistance for self-installed systems or hardware updates but this cannot be guaranteed for workstations.)

During its lifetime, assistance will similarly be offered for system software upgrades to new releases or the installation of new products.

As part of the above support activities, we will try to arrange central purchase of commonly-used layered software such as compilers, backup tools and so on. By this means we would hope to obtain the best possible terms for CERN users. Such software will generally be resold to end-users by means of TIDs at the price thus obtained, with no markup.

As well as normal system interventions, users may call upon our services to try to debug system problems. Where the problem is traced to an application, physics or desktop, users will be referred to the appropriate service elsewhere in CERN or to the vendor of the application.

Finally we will publish CERN-specific documentation (such as Installation Guides) and Computing Newsletter articles, maintain news groups, one per service offered, and run user meetings as appropriate to provide the latest information about our services. All such information, plus other useful UNIX-related material (e.g. UNIX man pages) will be maintained on a WWW home page under the title ``UNIX Workstation Support'' accessible from the CERN Home Page.

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Janne Saarela
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