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The officially-recommended X-terminal supplier at CERN is NCD and a contract has been signed with Tekelec, Grenoble for their supply. In the case of X terminals from our approved workstations suppliers (HP, DEC, IBM and SUN), we will try to offer a best-efforts service to assist users but cannot promise the same level of support as for NCD.

The services offered will be identical to those for UNIX workstations as listed above and in addition we will offer the following:

In addition to software support, hardware support will be provided in collaboration with ECP/ESS/OS (C. Parkman's team) for configuration changes (e.g. adding memory) and hardware repair. Such work will be performed in a designated place in CN building and users will be expected to bring their equipment there. Simple repairs will be performed within CERN but more serious cases may require intervention by the vendor under the terms of a repair contract which C.Parkman will establish; although CN/ECP will organise this, users will be charged at cost for the repair. (See the article gif).

We will maintain and offer a central default boot and font server for NCD X terminals and we intend to generalise this service as well as offer assistance to users who wish to establish their own local server. (Note that this font server is also available for use by UNIX workstations equipped with X11R5.)

As part of the hardware repair service, C.Parkman will maintain a small (five units only) stock of X-terminals from which users may borrow while their own terminal is under repair. There will be no charge for this but since only a few terminals will be made available, not all requests may be fulfilled.

We will also maintain a small (five to ten units only) stock of X-terminals for resale to users with urgent requests. Since this stock will be small, only urgent requests will be satisfied and a maximum of one or two terminals will be sold to any one customer.

Finally, we will hold a small stock of spare parts for X-terminals (extra memory, power supplies, user documentation, etc.) for resale to end-users on demand or to repair broken terminals.

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