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X-Terminal Repair Service

  Chris Parkman ECP/ESS

The Online Systems Section of the ECP/ESS (Electronic Systems Support) group has taken over the responsibility for the repair of NCD X-terminals.

ECP/ESS/OS provides a repair service for all models of NCD terminals only. All other aspects of the support for such terminals are provided by CN Division's UNIX Workstation and X-Terminal Support Section (see the article gif). The service will be charged as follows:

Turn-around time
The turn-round time for the repair or replacement of a defective terminal will not normally exceed one month, but no guarantee can be given in busy and holiday periods. Users are required to bring in person or to have transported the defective terminal to Building 31-R-012. No out-of-hours service is available.

Although all models of NCD terminals will be repaired, please note that a more rapid service with a turn-around of a few days is, in principle, available for NCD15b terminals.

In case of very urgent requirements only, a limited number of NCD15b terminals will be available for loan in the interim.

Technical enquiries:

Rene Piccarreta, tel. 4889, 13+5606.

General enquiries:

Chris Parkman (CERN-ECP/ESS), tel. 3963, 13+5512,

Janne Saarela
Tue May 16 13:43:26 METDST 1995