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Falco Terminal Support

  Chris Parkman ECP/ESS

Since June 1993, the Online Systems Section of the ECP/ESS (Electronic Systems Support) group has taken over responsibility for the support of alpha-numeric (``dumb'' terminals in the Research Sector. The support consists of a repair service, and a limited stock of new terminals for resale. In addition, redundant Falcos are accepted for recycling within CERN.

Repair service
Users are required to bring the defective terminal to Building 31-R-012 in person or by means of the CERN transport service. The turn-round time for the repair or replacement of a defective terminal will not normally exceed three working days, but no guarantee can be given during busy and holiday periods. Repairs will normally be charged according to the replacement parts used. Repair service contact: Rene Piccarreta, tel. 4889, 13+5606, e-mail rene_piccarreta@macmail.

For genuinely urgent requirements out of working hours a small number of replacement terminals is available with the Computer Centre operators in Building 513 (tel. 5011 to check on their availability).

New Falcos
Given the evolution of desk-top computing, it is thought unlikely that any large quantities of new ``dumb'' terminals will be purchased, at least for the time being. It is expected that the existing inventory of terminals at CERN should be sufficient to cover the remaining applications, reliability and maintainability permitting. However, a small stock is available for resale to those having essential applications. Requests, please, to Chris Parkman tel. 3963, 13+5512, e-mail

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