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  Victor Balashov and Anatoli Lomov (JINR, Dubna, Russia)

PAW and part of CERNLIB 93d have been ported to the Linux system on IBM PC. Files are downloaded to

Minimal requirements to run PAW on Linux system are

IBM PC AT-386/387 or 486 compatible 8MB of RAM,

4-5 MB free disk space (25 Mb for full binary version of CERNLIB)

Linux SLS 1.02 or higher (this configuration takes 70 MB minimum)

IPC delta (for global sections),

TCP/IP (PAW without TCP/IP is not tested)

XFree86 1.2 or higher

The installation has been made on Linux SLS 1.02:

Linux kernel 0.99pl9 with IPC delta

GCC 2.3.3 DLL Jump 4.3

f2c: version 9 Aug 1993
with modifications

XFree86 1.2 DLL Jump 3.0pl0

This is not a full implementation of the standard CERNLIB distribution. Only PAW, CMZ, PATCHY and corresponding libraries are ported.

A few notes about the implementation:

Optimization is not used. Some parts will be optimized in the next release.

Global sections via IPC are tested (see HBOOK 4.20 manual p.157 for test procedure). Work with the PIAF server at CERN is also tested. Server programs (pawserv, zserv, etc.) are not tested yet.

f2c binaries and sources are on Some minor modification was applied (increasing of size of several buffers in parser and corrections in I/O library).

Linux Slackware 1.1.0 or SLS 1.04 will be used in future releases.

Other parts of CERNLIB will be ported on request.

The CERNLIB sources will reflect LINUX support. Send all requests and questions to

This work was supported by JINR (Dubna, Russia) and CERN (Geneva, Switzerland).

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Janne Saarela
Tue May 16 13:43:26 METDST 1995