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Downloading the distribution files to your machine

All CERNlib files for PCs are distributed on the ftp server. This includes the following files:

 Directory of cernlib/pc_dos50/93b/exe
CERN     TXT      9022 06-08-93   2:56p
DJGPP110 TXT      7293 06-02-93   2:29p
COPYING  DJ       1625 05-31-93   8:30p
README   DJ      14202 05-31-93   8:44p
COPYING  GPL     12737 03-06-91  10:12p
COPYRGHT TXT      1561 11-16-92   4:51p
PAW      CON      2234 05-28-93   4:26p
PAW      EXE   1050503 05-28-93   4:26p
PAWDEMO  EXE    311469 04-16-93   8:19p
PAWDEMO  CON      6627 04-16-93   8:19p
CERNMLIB CON       407 06-01-93  11:31a
CERNMLIB EXE    495141 06-01-93  11:31a
CERNLIB  CON       507 06-01-93   1:08p
CERNLIB  EXE   1310011 06-01-93   1:07p
CERNGLIB CON       507 06-01-93   1:13p
CERNGLIB EXE    838819 06-01-93   1:12p
CERNBIN  CON       892 06-01-93   2:26p
CERNBIN  EXE    938542 06-01-93   2:26p
GEANT    CON       596 06-02-93   6:10p
GEANT    EXE   1146883 06-02-93   6:10p
       20 file(s)    6149578 bytes

These files may be copied over the network as shown below:

mkdir {tmp}
cd    {tmp}
ftp       (
ftp> cd /cernlib/pc_dos50/93b/exe
ftp> mget README*
ftp> binary
ftp> mget *.exe
ftp> quit

The files have been packed using the LHA archiving and compression facility, available in this area (LHA213.exe) or from the Public Domain area (for instance from We have generated self-extracting archives which do not require LHA itself in the unpacking process. We welcome feedback ( on the distribution methods and procedures used, as well to learn from similar utilities which may be more powerful or user friendly.

Janne Saarela
Tue May 16 13:43:26 METDST 1995