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Reorganisation of the UCO, Accounting and Registration

  Harry Renshall CN/PDP

As part of the CN Division reorganisation I shall be giving up the leadership of the User Support section of the Consultancy and Operations group from 1 December. The User Consultancy Office and Accounting and Registration will be managed in a new section called Accounting, Consultancy and Tools in the new Distributed Computing Infrastructure group. The section leader is Miguel Marquina and Attila Koppanyi will be responsible, within the section, for Accounting and Registration. The group leader is Chris Jones.

I will retain overall responsibility for the CERNVM services that we deliver to the user community and be active in the migration of the data intensive batch work of physics experiments from CERNVM to new CORE Unix based services. I will also work as a link between the physics program and CN Division through membership of the COCOTIME committee and by involvement in the resulting resource allocation and mangement. For the moment I will carry on allocating group disk space on CERNVM.

Thus, after some fifteen years, I will be leaving direct user support having worked first in the Program Enquiry Office of the User Support group, then as the CERN Program Librarian in the same group and lastly within the Consultancy and Operations group. Working directly with our end-users has always been stimulating and I have enjoyed it enormously and I know the service we have built up over the years will carry on in good hands.

Janne Saarela
Tue May 16 13:43:26 METDST 1995