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Customizing LaTeX lists

Michel Goossens CN/ASD

This article is a slightly reworked version of part of the third chapter of a 560-page book ``The LaTeX Companion'', which I wrote together with Frank Mittelbach (who took over from Leslie Lamport as maintainer of LaTeX and coordinates also the longer term LaTeX3 project---see CNL 206, pages 15--19) and Alexander Samarin, who supported TeX at CERN for several years before taking up a job at ISO, Geneva, at the beginning of 1993. It will be published by Adisson-Wesley in January 1994 and it provides answers, we hope, to most of the questions asked by many of you about LaTeX. It already describes the updates for LaTeXe, the new version of LaTeX (see CNL 213, page 35). It is essentially a companion to Leslie Lamport's ``LaTeX, User's Guide and Reference'', of which a second edition will appear in the Spring of 1994.

In the first part of the article, the various parameters and commands controlling the standard LaTeX lists, enumerate, itemize, and description, are discussed. The second part introduces the general list environment and it is shown how you can build custom layouts by varying the values of the parameters controlling this environment.

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