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The User Consultancy Office runs the Help Desk installed in building 513, and created as a front-end service to the Computing facilities provided by the Computing and Networking Division. Although the UCO is mainly used by the Research sector, users from other Divisions address us for a variety of subjects including access and usage of facilities installed in the central services ( handling of magnetic media, printers and plotters, etc), central accounting and registration issues, and slowly growing demand for Unix, Mac and PC expertise.

Our Help Desk deals on average with about 1000 requests/month coming via e-mail, telephone calls and personal visits. It is staffed at present by CN/DCI (80%) and CN/ASD (20%); we are currently asking other groups to improve the presentation of Computing Services.

About 10% of the questions are also on general aspects of CERN organization and non-computer subjects where, as a ``Help Desk'' we are pleased to give advice where we can or pass on the question to the competent service.

The Help Desk is affiliated to the International Help Desk Institute, which allows us to keep up to date with the latest available techniques used in such services. It is also a platform for exchanging ideas with similar services world-wide.

Janne Saarela
Tue May 16 14:52:44 METDST 1995